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The company LLC "Fireworks" is the official distributor of food products, as well as industrial goods in Morocco, we have established close partnership relations throughout the region since 2015.

Our transnational company is focused on occupying leading positions in the field of wholesale supply of products to our domestic market. We carry out activities throughout our country and at present we are developing cooperation with the main suppliers of goods of different groups for a large number of partners in the region.

If you are a manufacturer, we want you to become a major producer. If you are a professional, then we suggest that you become one of the best. Whatever you are, we will help you to develop your production quickly and confidently and expand the customer base to the volumes you need!

Our Company offers manufacturers and suppliers a cooperation in the field of distribution of your products in Morocco.

We offer you:

  • Assistance in storage of products in multi-temperature storage warehouses
  • implementation of transport logistics functions
  • work on our client base in the framework of our contracts and separate deliveries with retail networks
  • full support of sales of your products
  • a set of trade-marketing events at points of sale.

We are interested in a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with producers and suppliers of quality products.

Our directions and mission:

  1. quick and qualitative cooperation, achievement of successful development of partner relations;
  2. Our company is focused on the organization of supply of high-quality products of any price segment;
  3. Individual approach to our partners and clients in order to establish long-term relationships;
  4. Flexible pricing policy and the most convenient related and ancillary services;
  5. Highly qualified and united team, united by common goals and objectives.

Why Clients choose us:

  • SUCCESS: a great experience of successful work in the market of distribution of goods and services.
  • REPUTATION: high ratings in the ratings of local partners, recognition of domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Innovations in the field of trade, marketing and promotion of goods.
  • SPECIALISTS: In our company - the best people work in the right places with high qualifications.

We are working

9 hours a day, 6 days a week, 4 weeks per month, which is 2592 hours per year

Our company

successfully serves 5 clients daily, 30 clients per week, 120 clients per month, 1440 customers per year.

We earn 100 USD per hour

9 hours a day, 54 hours a week, which is 5,400 USD per week, and this is every manager. And we have a lot of managers.

The Kingdom of Morocco

Attractiveness of investments of Morocco

Nowadays - Morocco is a country with a huge business potential, where any development prospects are high and a favorable climate for entrepreneurship prevails. Morocco occupies a privileged geographical position - at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the country provides social stability, a strong industrial base, sustained economic growth, and the maintenance of close ties in the region. Many countries view the Kingdom as a promising base for expanding in-depth cooperation with African countries.

In the difficult conditions of Africa and the Arab world - these figures show that the investment attractiveness of Morocco continues to grow in all sectors: tourism, real estate, industry, services and others.

These factors make Morocco the most attractive country on the continent for foreign investment.

An important link in the transport infrastructure of Morocco is the seaports: Casablanca, Mohammedia, Jorf-Lasfar (export of phosphorites), Safi (fish, phosphorites, Kenitra (export of cereals), Tangier, Nador, Agadir and others, there are 21 seaports in the country, makes the transportation of products by the sea attractive and accessible.

The economy of the Kingdom of Morocco ranks 5th in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) among the countries of the African continent. In nominal terms, Morocco's GDP in 2017 was $ 110.4 billion. Its growth in 2017 amounted to 3.98%, which is significantly higher than a year earlier (1.1%).

At the same time, the continuing increase in demand for imports of raw materials, semi-finished products, high-tech equipment for national processing sectors against the backdrop of rising world prices for hydrocarbons has become a significant factor affecting the dynamics of the Moroccan economy.According to the Foreign Exchange Control Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Morocco, the foreign trade turnover of the Kingdom of Morocco in 2017 amounted to 685.7 billion Moroccan dirhams (about 67.8 billion US dollars), which is 8.5% higher than in 2016. - 636.2 billion m. dirh. (about 62.5 billion US dollars).

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Why our Company attract Clients

Perfect stratefy We are firmly convinced that only a well-designed and clearly formulated strategy, oriented to the needs of the customers, will ensure our long-term growth and prosperity. These principles are subordinated to our corporate culture and principles of staff selection. Read the main values ​​of our company:

This is our mission. Since the establishment of the company, we have been helping our customers to fulfill their orders and wishes. Our motto is the most gentle attitude to the product at low production costs. Another of our strengths is that the filters we have created are ideally washed.

Individual approach to the client. We are going our own way of development, we do not do projects for a carbon copy! We realize that each product is different from the rest, so it requires new approaches and new original engineering solutions. Our long-term experience guarantees you unique filtering results.

Close cooperation with the customers in the process of developing the production with the help of the most modern technologies allowed our company to achieve unique management solutions that help us to make products for you the most effective.

Quality without compromise. We pay attention to every detail and strive to achieve simplicity of equipment to prevent mechanical breakdowns; and this approach justifies itself.

Ethics and honesty. At the service for Clients - so we understand our work. This principle we subordinate the corporate culture and recruitment of the firm. We believe that the company's exclusive focus on the interests of the Clients will ensure long-term success for all parties to the transaction.

The perfect combination of price and quality. We are in the - in the gate of Africa. We understand that our relationship does not end with the sale of equipment, but, on the contrary, gaining momentum. Thanks to our location, we are able to quickly respond to crisis situations, and thereby, provide you with constant support. To our clients we offer online monitoring and remote management from our office at the most reasonable prices.

Careers with us

LLC "Fireworks" Company Careers

As a large international company, a sales manager is required to promote products on the Morocco market. Work is deleted on a full schedule: Mon-Fri from 9 \ 00 to 17 \ 00. Requirements: Work experience of at least 2 years. Knowledge of French and Ukrainian (Arabic is welcome)

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LLC "Fireworks" Info

For Manufacturers


Our team, while remaining professionals in its business, constantly strive to develop new directions developed for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the work of support services.

For Wholesale buyers


Since the beginning of activity - our Company is engaged in ensuring the supply of quality products for local enterprises, retail chains and other large buyers.

Exclusive representation


Preliminary statement of the task: it takes place as an introductory meeting with the management of the company or initiators of the project to form an updated technical task on its results.

Main office :

21, Place Abou Bakr Essedik, Appt n°8,

Agdal-Rabat, Morocco


Contact center :

Phone in Morocco: +21 262 438 29 16
(For African customers)

Phones in Ukraine: +38 067 642 74 06
+38 067 474 52 49

(for manufacturers and customers in Ukraine)