Exclusive representation


Exclusive representation

Our company, having strong ties throughout the region, is ready to provide a full range of services related to exclusive representation and protection of your interests throughout the country.

If you need to quickly get any document or service,if you and your production are located outside the country, but you consider that your products are of sufficient quality to enter our market - our team will help you to carry out all the goals and objectives for business development and attracting investments.

Our specialists who work in this area are always ready to help you and provide the following services:

  1. Representing the interests of producers of products in the region.

    The development of business and its management in another country, simultaneously with the already existing in their own country, is often a difficult and incomprehensible process. And sometimes it's not even that many managers prefer to take everything into their own hands and physically can not control work in different places. Lack of management experience in another country, ignorance of legislation, law, language and even mental differences are the main obstacles for many.

    An important obstacle in working in foreign territory can sometimes also be some conservatism of participants in business processes. Especially often difficulties arise at the very beginning of cooperation, when partners only get to know each other, and establish mechanisms for interaction.

    To overcome these difficulties, we offer:

    1. Assistance in promoting the sale of goods on the territory of our country;
    2. Search for partners, suppliers and consumers;
    3. Search for counterparties, distributors and sales channels;
    4. Participation in negotiations with foreign partners, exhibitions and conferences (as a language interpreter / consultant / manufacturer's representative);
    5. Assistance in organizing participation in various exhibitions and conferences on the territory of the country (hotel reservations, meeting at the airport, train stations, escorting in negotiations and solving various issues);
    6. Legal and accounting support

  2. Representation of interested parties in court and government authorities

    We can provide our clients with a whole range of services in the direction of representation in state bodies and in court. It can be any service that requires the professional help of a lawyer - advice, legal services representation in court, assistance in processing claims, applications, claims and much more.

    At present, the following areas are in demand: "Representation in court":

    • Land
    • Tax
    • Family and hereditary
    • Civil and Administrative
    • Household
    • Labor
    • Contractual

    Our experts, when assessing and studying your problematic issue - to inform you about the prospects for a positive consideration of the case.

    We are always sincere with our Clients and Partners!