For Manufacturers


For Manufacturers

Our team, while remaining professionals in its business, constantly strive to develop new directions developed for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the work of specialized national customer support services. Workers specializing in the development of international contacts - offers customers a unique system that has no analogues among competitors due to the following:

  • Integration and coordination of industry and international principles in the field of customer support on the basis of our knowledge and our database;
  • Development of a constructive approach to the development of your business using a standardized operating model adapted to local needs and specific activities;
  • A structured, efficient approach that can be easily adapted for the production of your company.

For us, there are no "identical customers". Everyone needs an individual approach, a special solution that most fully meets the specific request. The philosophy of our company says: Everyone who addresses us - should receive the service that he needs. We do not offer anything "to the load", however we do not allow ourselves to leave the client alone with unresolved issues, no matter how elementary they seemed.

Customs services

Our company opens a new direction and with our assistance - you can carry out customs clearance, import and export clearance. We try to meet all the needs of customers and carry out customs clearance of cargo with minimal costs for the client in terms of time and financial costs.

We offer you a full range of services:

  1. Execution of foreign trade contracts
  2. Development of a logistics scheme
  3. Customs clearance of cargo
  4. Delivery of goods to the warehouse

Customs clearance of import and export cargo passes strictly within the requirements of the legislation.

Our advetages:

  • We cooperate with specialized bodies;
  • we well know how to speed up the delivery of goods to customs terminals without violating its -integrity, using the optimal mode of transport;
  • we will help to legally and quickly pass customs clearance, having prepared for this the whole package of documents;
  • We facilitate the rapid passage of goods through customs, actively using the opportunities for the preliminary declaration of cargo
  • As a responsible and professional consultant - our company will provide full support for the passage of goods through customs and solve the problems that arise along the way.

Logistics services

Logistics services - a wide range of operations associated with the acquisition, storage and movement of goods. Warehouse logistics - handling, storage and distribution of goods. Transport logistics meets the needs of firms that do not have their own fleet of vehicles, in the movement of goods. Customs logistics is assistance in customs clearance and cargo certification.

We offer wide range of such services.

Our services in the field of logistics

  • optimization of logistics costs;
  • escort of cargo by the representative of the company;
  • monitoring of cargo movement;
  • warehousing and storage of goods;
  • consulting and expert services.
  • One of the legal ways to reduce the costs of production of goods is the optimization of material flows. This means choosing the routes that are most effective in terms of tariffs and terms, reducing customs and warehouse costs.

Cooperation with our company - allows us to save on the maintenance of our own logistics department, flexibly adjust the supply policy depending on the requirements of the market. Our company creates its own infrastructure, ties into tight business relations with carriers and administrative services, and provides customers with the entire mechanism for constructing and optimizing transport chains. This gives an obvious advantage - the gain in the cost of services and the time of delivery of goods.

Optimization of business processes

Optimization of business processes is the adjustment of the Company's business processes in order to increase their efficiency by reducing the costs of executing business processes, time, and improving the quality of business process execution. As a rule, the end result is the task of reducing operating expenses, which even with a constant volume of sales leads to an increase in the profitability of the business.

The cost and timing of the optimization is directly dependent on

  • number of staff;
  • number of structural units;
  • complicability and diversity of business processes;
  • spectrum of tasks of business analysts;
  • reporting on the results of the project;

Our methods of optimizing business processes for manufacturers
Optimization of business processes is carried out using a variety of methods, the choice of which depends on the problems to be solved. We offer our clients and partners the following steps to solve this problem:

  • Exclude - eliminate the causes of interference, reduce the levels of the process and transport routes, cancel the control at the entrance.
  • Simplify - reduce the complexity of the order and the complexity of services, organize and evenly distribute the work.
  • Standardize - use methods that involve working with technologies, programs, stages and components.
  • Reduce - eliminate the steps that lead to additional costs, make the duration and number of events shorter.
  • Accelerate - to carry out parallel engineering, automate processes, configure rapid design of layouts and samples.
  • Change - introduce new methods of working with materials, increase / reduce production volumes, change the processing order, technology or working systems.
  • To provide interaction - to improve a unified information system to ensure coordinated actions of employees, production systems and organizational units.
  • To allocate and include - to install and introduce new components and production processes.

Safety of Supplies

We pays special attention to the security of supply, therefore we can additionally offer all our customers their services in this area.

Providing security is an additional, complex expense item. At the same time, if the threat materializes with significant losses, the funds are allocated almost immediately and in much larger amounts than would be required for prevention. With such a reactive approach to security, any participant in the supply chain can become a weak link and a potential source of costs for parties of business processes.

Our company can assist you in building a supply chain security system.
We can check:

  • quality of services provided by the participants in the supply chain;
  • the quality of services provided by organizations that ensure the security of the supply chain;
  • territories and routes;
  • nature of goods;
  • packing, marking;
  • tracking technology "track and track-sing";
  • safety technology;
  • list of transport forces;
  • information security;
  • a list of characteristic obstacles to the flow of logistic flows;
  • list of necessary internal processes covering the entire supply chain;
  • list of external conditions affecting the operation of the circuit;
  • a list of security threats in supply chains (with an update);
  • list of significant problems (when implementing security threats)