For Wholesale Buyers


For Wholesale Buyers

Quality products - for everyone ! Since the beginning of activity - our Company is engaged in ensuring the supply of quality products for local enterprises, retail chains and other large buyers. Only in our company - you can always find a wide range of services, so necessary for the promotion of goods in the domestic market, as well as assistance in the implementation of foreign economic activities.

As with any system, our system of distribution of goods, was built with the involvement of experienced professionals and intermediaries - distributors can be evaluated by several criteria:

  1. quality of work of distributors
  2. the correct distribution of the quantitative composition of intermediaries, working with the quality that is. Two of these parameters (quality and quantity of distributors) are interrelated, but this relationship is not directly dependent.

Our close-knit team, for a long time of cooperation in various fields, has developed its system of internal and external interaction with Partners and customers, which most fully meets our standards and requirements necessary for cooperation.

We successfully apply all our methods and methods in practice, without fear that the quality of our services will be lower than that of our colleagues in the region.

Advertising and promotion

Our team of experts in advertising is professionalism multiplied by success with long-standing traditions. Our business card is an orientation to the result.

As a result of cooperation with our company - you get an individual approach in everything from developing a specific media plan to special price conditions. Absolute orientation toward trusting partnerships - in special cases, are ready to work with significant discounts (enough agreement and guarantee letter). We provide you with exclusive conditions for placing advertisements on radio stations, public transport, in large trade networks and other places of mass stay of people.

In order to quickly and efficiently promote your product in the market of interest - our promotion and advertising team offers the following services:

  • Television advertising, or advertising on television
  • Radio advertising, or radio advertising
  • Advertising in press
  • Internet advertising, or advertising on the Internet
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Internal advertising, or interior advertising
  • Transit advertising, or advertising on transport
  • Non-advertising:
    • Direct advertising
    • Printable advertisement
    • Advertising in points of sale
    • Souvenir advertising
    • Promotional events

With the help of our team - everyone will know about your product!

Marketing research

Market experts advise all firms to conduct systematic marketing research either on their own, or with the help of a third-party company specializing in marketing research and, especially often, in conditions of uncertainty and risk. Large firms have an analytical center or a marketing service with a large staff of employees who are engaged in problems of developing a new product, brand, searching for a new market, increasing the sales of an existing product, studying competitors, conducting advertising campaigns and introducing other business concepts.

Our experts can offer for our Clients

  1. Market research is the most common trend in marketing research. As experts emphasize, without market research it is impossible to systematically collect, analyze and compare all the information necessary for making important decisions related to market activities, market selection, sales volume determination, forecasting and planning of market activities.
    Market development trends and processes include the analysis of changes in economic, scientific, technical, demographic, environmental, legislative and other factors, as well as the structure and geography of the market, its capacity, sales dynamics, market barriers, the state of competition, the existing conjuncture, opportunities and risks.
  2. Analysis of the macrosystem is aimed at studying the environmental conditions. They do not have a direct connection with the firm's market, but they also affect all companies that are engaged in this market.
  3. The study of the internal environment of the enterprise aims to determine the real level of competitiveness of the enterprise as a result of the comparison of the relevant factors of the external and internal environment. The analysis of strengths and weaknesses is designed to identify advantages and disadvantages in relation to major competitors. This is where you need to get an answer to the questions about what needs to be done to ensure that the company's activities are fully adapted to the dynamically developing factors of the external environment.
  4. The analysis of the enterprise's potential is intended to check the firm's resources and their correspondence to the directions of the strategic plan.
  5. The research of consumers allows to determine and investigate the entire set of incentives that guide consumers in choosing goods (income, social status, sex-age characteristics, education).
  6. Research competitors - obtaining the necessary data to ensure a competitive advantage in the market, as well as to find ways of cooperation and cooperation with possible competitors. To this end, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors are analyzed, their market share is studied, consumers' reaction to marketing means of competitors (product improvement, price changes, trademarks, advertising campaign, service development).
  7. Investigation of possible intermediaries by means of which the enterprise will be able to "attend" selected markets, conducts a study of the firm's market structure. In addition to commercial, trade or other intermediaries, an enterprise must have a correct understanding of its other "assistants": transport-forwarding, advertising, insurance and other companies and organizations that create the infrastructure of the market.

We use the following forms of research:

  1. Primary marketing research
  2. The survey is to find out the positions of people or to get help from them on any issue. Polls can be oral, written and telephone.
  3. Observation is a systematic study of the circumstances perceived by the senses without affecting the object of investigation. Observation is divided into field, laboratory and personal.
  4. The experiment is a study of the influence of one factor on another, while controlling extraneous factors. There are field and laboratory experiments.
  5. A panel is a repeated collection of data from one group at regular intervals. There are trade, consumer and service panels.